Professional eBay Store Managing and Listing Service (Only Available for Selected Australian Customers)

If you want to reduce your stress by 90% and earn more than 10 times income, this is for you.
Just give a 10% effort. We will take care of everything on behalf of you.

Here are all included services in the product listing service.
  • Designing a professional Premium Listing Template.
  • Installing Listing Template for all eBay products (selling price is more than 200$) totally manually as multinational companies on eBay.
  • Designing all Product Images for eBay Image Gallery and Listing Template.
  • SEO whole Listing Template and eBay product page to rank in eBay search result.
  • Creating Postal Rates Tables (if required).
  • Managing Coupon Codes.
  • Creating Product Promotions.
  • Designing eBay Store Theme and manage it.
  • Creating the Store Category list and assign products to relevant categories.
  • Doing product research and list trending and more profitable products.
  • Hosting Product Listing Temaplte's Source Files and Product Images Lifetime in our servers.
You have to do only these 3 things on your side.
  • Reply to messages and keep the communication with the customers.
  • Ship your products for your customers.
  • Manage your income and financial side.

Our Commission: 4% of every Product's Selling Price

Example: If we list a product to your eBay account which cost is 230$ and the selling price is 300$, you will earn $22 for just one product with your minimum effort and involvement.
Product Selling Price 300$
Product Cost 230$
Shipping Charges 0$
eBay Charges 27$
Paypal Charges 9$
Our Commision 12$
Total Cost 278$
Your Total Profit (300$ - 278$) $22
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